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General FAQ

How can I keep up to date with what is happening?

You can visit our Website at  Also, you can like Saco Junior Trojans Football on Facebook (@SacoJuniorTrojans) .  Be sure to watch for emails.  All registrants will automatically be added to our email distribution list.  In addition, all are encouraged to download the Sports Engine Mobile App on your mobile device.

How do I register for the season?

An online registration will be opened prior to the start of the season.  When the registration process opens, a link will be added to our website and an announcement will be posted on our Facebook page.  We will also email all past participants.  We also continuously explore other avenues to announce our season and rely on our supporters to help spread the word and keep our organization thriving.

What is Sports Engine?

Sports Engine is an online tool used by many sports organizations to organize and manage their program.  We use Sports Engine to administer our online application process.  We also use it to store team rosters and schedules.  We encourage our SJT community to download the Sports Engine application to your mobile device.  This will provide families with easy access to updates schedules and team rosters.  There is also a chat feature in the application so team parents and coaches can communicate with each other.

Do I need a sports engine account to register for Saco Junior Trojans?

Yes, the person registering a participant will need create a Sports Engine account to complete an online registration.

When is the Saco Junior Trojan Season?

The season will begin with practices toward the middle/end of August.  Games will begin around the first weekend in September.  Grades 2-6 can expect their season to end in mid to late October.  Grades 7 and 8 will enter play offs in mid to late October and, if they win, will advance toward a Championship game that typically falls in mid-November.  The season will wrap up with end of the year banquets.  These banquets will be scheduled once the middle school ends their season.  As soon as a schedule is released, it will be available online and in Sports Engine.  Coaches will also share their team’s schedules with their parents and players/cheerleaders.

How much does it cost to participate in Saco Junior Trojans?

Saco Junior Trojans has a football program and a cheering program.  Each program has 2 levels.  The first is for grades 2-6.  The second is for grades 7 & 8.  The current season registration fee for football is $70 (grades 2-6) and $95 (grades 7 & 8).  The current season registration fee for cheering is $55 (grades 2-6) and $60 (grades 7 & 8).

All registration fees will collected online through the online registration process.  A small service fee is also charged to each participate and goes directly to Sports Engine to pay for our use of their product and cover a credit card processing fee.

There are some additional out of pocket expenses during the season such as equipment and uniforms.  Please refer to these sections in the FAQ.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, we want to afford all children with the opportunity to play football or cheer for Saco Junior Trojans.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Please contact Darrell Whitney at to request a scholarship.  Please include in your request if you are in need of a full or partial scholarship.

Once a scholarship is approved, Karen Parenteau will send a discount code to the email of the requestor.  The code will need to be entered on the payment screen of the online registration.  The code will reduce the required payment by the amount of the scholarship.  The registrant will still be expected to pay the small service fee that we pay to Sports Engine to cover the cost of using their product.

How are teams selected?

Players are rostered to team by grade level.  If there is more than 1 team at a particular grade level than all registrants at that grade level will be divided across the number of teams.

Are there tryouts?

We do not hold tryouts.  All who register can expect to play football or cheer.  In the event that there is more than 1 football team per grade level, there will an evaluation night held.  The evaluations will be for coaches to determine how to evenly distribute players across teams so all playing positions will be covered.

Who do I contact?

Who can I contact with program related questions?

You can reach out to Darrell Whitney with any Saco Junior Trojan questions. Darrell can be reached at or 207.229.8624.

Who can I contact with registration related questions?

You can reach out to Karen Parenteau with any questions related to the online registration as well as questions related to Sports Engine, the website or Facebook page. Karen can be reached at or 207.229.7013.

Who can I contact with football questions?

You can reach out to Darrell Whitney, SJT president, with any Saco Junior Trojan questions. Darrell can be reached at or 207.229.8624.  You can also contact Kevin Kezal, the Thornton Academy head football coach, at 207.602.8668.

Who can I contact with cheerleading issues?

You can reach out to Kim Goodale, SJT Cheering Director, at 207.232.7704. or  You can  also reach out to Karen Whitten, SJT, Youth Cheering Director

How can I contact a coach?

All football and cheering coaches will provide their contact information to their team members at the start of the season.  The contact information for each team is also available on our website.