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Junior Trojan Night

Friday, September 22, 2023

All Junior Trojan players and cheerleaders are invited to attend the TA vs. Windham Eagles game on Friday 9/22, 7:00 pm at Thornton Academy’s Hill Stadium. All football players and cheerleaders are invited to participate in halftime activities. 

Junior Trojan Football Players and Cheerleaders will receive free admission, they just need to be wearing their game day jersey or cheering uniform and let the volunteers at the gate know they are a Jr Trojan player or Cheerleader. All football players and cheerleaders are encouraged to wear their game day jerseys to school on Friday.


Do Not bring any powder into the stadium. Fans will be checked by security when entering through the main gate. If you are caught with anything you will be denied access to the game.

Halftime activities:

Players should assemble under the bleachers a few minutes before halftime. Please line up as follows, available coaches, 2nd, 3rd - 4th, 5th - 6th and 7th- 8th. When you go out on the field please start your line left to right from the 40 yard line (closest to the scoreboard) facing the TA home bleachers. Please fill in to keep all the players between both 40 yard lines. You will then be introduced to our TA fans, after a few minutes (photo opportunities) please exit the field to allow our cheerleaders time to set up and perform for the TA fans.

I hope to see everyone at the game.

V/r Darrell